When I was graduating from elementary school our beloved principal made us all write letters to ourselves about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Sweet sentiment, but to be honest by the time I graduated from High School, I had completely forgotten about that 5th grade letter I had penned to an older version of myself.

That is, until it came in the mail.

Mom and I laughed over my handwriting and the details I had snuck in about who is friends with who and which boy I had a crush on. I had long since forgotten that my 10 year old self imagined I would spend my life writing great works of fiction (like, for instance,  The Babysitters Club series *grin*)

I went to college on a scholarship to study Genetic Counseling, changed my major twice until I landed on Psychology (because the credits all transferred from Biology), traveled the country as my teenage sis’ roadie/babysitter/teacher, and then ended up doing mostly social work type jobs.

I can’t imagine writing a fiction book though the story lines of my young writings are quite riveting (ahem, ahem). I have thought about writing a book, but thank God for the discovery of blogging since the former is quite daunting.

So, if you’re reading this blog that’s the history of how it came to be. I write to think, to remember.. its cathartic. It has been a fun and humbling discovery along the way that others would care to read some of my thoughts or to process life with me, but really I write for my own sanity.

I am an average 30-somethingwoman is most every respect. I love my growing family. My husband has been a friend more than 2/3 of my life now. We met when were 8 at church camp and kept running into each other through the seasons of our lives… until we decided that there’s really no one better to spend your life with than someone you could care about and be friends with for 20+ years. He figured it out more quickly than me. At 21 he knew that was the way to go. It took me 8 more years and a failed marriage to get it. Rather than be sad about lost time, I am thankful to have a second chance with a wonderful man I admire and respect for his character. We laugh a lot and take long walks (though not on the beach) and I am finding the truest beauty is what it means to be “one” with someone else.

In our house currently there are (currently- and prayerfully there will be more soon) two little boys in our house who call us “mom” and “dad”. Cohen just turned six years old and is an absolute hoot in every way. Everyone thinks their child is remarkable and smart and special… Cohen is no exception. He is a very gregarious, witty, and engaged child. He asks so many questions he makes my head spin! There’s nothing he’s not interested in understanding and he has the most creative take on the world. Adler will be two in just a couple of months. He was such an easy baby that we assumed he was going to have a very laid back personality, but boy were we wrong! He has this smile that is so sweet, but when it lingers, his eyes become little more than slits and you can see the ornery coming through. He is a snuggly toddler, crazy about his big brother, and shares his dad’s strong willed determination.

Recently, David and I have “taken the plunge” and begun our adoption journey. Its something we’ve known we were interested in, but God has just recently helped us to connect the dots and see how He’s working it out. So likely sooner than later there’ll be another child or two finding his/her/their way into our hearts, family and this blog. Wait expectantly with me ok?

We also have pocket beagles, Piper and Scout and Roxie. My cousins have our stud dog and two females of their own and together we are operating Hilltop Pocket Beagles to help build the breed. And because our boys love it. So from time to time you may hear about them on this blog, but more likely you’ll see them on my instagram feed.

So those are the people I love and write about most. You’ll get to know a few others along the way too (my other siblings (their are 7 of us), my parents, my incredible in laws, my Aunt Deb, etc). Sometimes I just write about my family and all the silly things Cohen says and does. Sometimes I process what God is teaching me. Sometimes social or political news finds its way into my online thoughts….

….its pretty ordinary. But if you want to come along for the ride, we’re glad to have you.