Introversion via Motherhood

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…the moment you are writing a novel of a Facebook post and realize that everyone will have to click “read more” just to get your update…and decide to blog on your actual blog instead…   If you weren’t already someone who needed time alone, make no mistake, motherhood would create that need. Motherhood will make an introvert of even the most deeply people-fueled extrovert. My guess is that it boils down to not being able to go to the bathroom alone. You can’t close the door without little toes poking out from...

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A Childlike Hope: GOD is BETTER

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Last week was the longest week and consequently, I was more tired by Friday than I can remember having been before. I told David Friday night, when I collapsed into bed, that I needed to sleep in the next morning. “Sleeping in” around our house means not getting out of bed before 7:30. Our kids (ahem, ahem, Cohen) get up before the sun most days and David leaves for work before 7, so our definition of sleeping in is often a few hours different than that of most people. That sets the stage for you to understand how surprised I was...

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Kids See Things We Often Don’t [also a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!]

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I was reminded this morning that kids often see things we don’t. David put Adler in bed with me this morning before he left for work, stating, “He’s not really awake.” He wasn’t awake but he was crying. I pulled back the covers and my little boy rolled over beside me and clung on for dear life. The crying stopped and we both got back to sleep. A half hour or so later, he slid out of bed and I could hear him walking around the first floor. Worried that he would wake up the others, I said a few times “Adler,...

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The Legacy of Adoption and Grandma Clydella

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I don’t often get text messages at 6 am. I rolled over, rubbed my eyes, and picked up my phone. The message was from my Aunt Deb, my mom’s sister. When I get messages from her in the morning, I know she’s up praying and reading and thinking because that’s what she does when she can’t sleep. Some of the most encouraging words have come to me from those early morning times in her life. The text was about her mom, my grandmother. October 1 was her birthday and if she were still living she would’ve just turned...

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An Adoption Update [Kind of]

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I haven’t written a lot about where things are in our adoption… mostly because we are in waiting mode. Our home study was approved by the state of Ohio at the end of June and we have a fair amount of contact with our adoption agent (who we love), but the right match has not yet been made. I hit a wall today. A wall I’ve been running at full speed for about a week. I had been feeling a lot of peace about waiting, just trusting God to work things out in His timing. It helped that we were busy in the evenings helping to care...

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Hand in Hand

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It had already been a long day, but we promised. So at 7pm, when normally we’d be on a family walk (if it had been a good day) or heading for bath time early (if I had not been such a good day), we loaded up the car and proceeded on to the “fish store”. Cohen was sure he knew exactly what he needed and which fish he wanted, but since David nor I had ever had a fish tank, we asked for help. A young woman came right to our rescue, explaining how we needed to set up our tank to keep the fish healthy and what kinds of fish would...

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Going to vs. Being [Church edition]

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You know how sometimes people linger when they’ve got something to say they’re not sure how to say? Well, she was lingering. Standing at the back door of my house, her hand on the silver handle, looking into the backyard where the kids were running around. We had finished up our brief neighborly conversation and her hand was on the handle, but she wasn’t turning it. Without really looking at me, she started talking. I could hear the heaviness; the uneasiness in her voice, as she told me she just wasn’t sure about...

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Two Snuck Up On Me

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This morning its raining and dark outside. The kind of dark that forces you to turn the lights on in the house at 10 am, when normally the morning sunlight would keep things lit. Two years ago today, it was blisteringly hot. In fact, July 20th ended up being the hottest day in the summer of 2011. Words cannot adequately begin to describe how THRILLED I was to be in air conditioning and away from the heat. I’d driven myself to a doctor appointment in Columbus without Cohen, praying to God (literally) that my favorite nurse midwife would...

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I See It

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“Ok, can you count down from 100 by 7′s?” “100, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65, 58, 51, 44…” She stopped me somewhere in the 30′s and I had to smile to myself. It was pretty easy to do considering that I had just spent 20 minutes going over multiplication tables in my head to keep from thinking about moving my toes. Because, frankly, the only thing harder than trying to not think about anything is trying not to move once you’ve been told you can’t. She had no idea about the multiplication game...

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Before They Ever Take Shape

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“Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.” Proverbs 19: 21 We all rode together that morning, Dad, David, Cohen and I. Normally our mornings splinter off from each other’s rather quickly. David leaves around 6:30 and then once he and Dad arrive in Columbus, they go their separate ways. Not that morning, though. We all left at 6:30. I was the first dropped off and then the guys rode together to David’s work, where he and Co spent the morning working (David on...

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