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wearing dresses from great aunt mary


  1. Teri Grimes – I love what you did! You told a story with your photos. This is beuiauftl! I love that you put music to it. I didn’t cry at the wedding, but I cried looking at this. Thank you, Shannon. You are very gifted.

  2. She does look like she has the upper hand and definitely tknihs she is the queen. Watch out when she starts to zig-zag in front of you. My daughter claims that is a sign that the cat wants to trip you up, lol.Pets, gotta love them!(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

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  4. Hey guys- thanks for fnllowiog along! I hope it has been at least a little entertaining. Gosh, Quito seems so long ago I hope you have had some great traveling in the meantime as well. Despite what our blog might say, or rather what it fails to say, is that we have actually had a few more adventures since this last one, and I hope to be posting them soon, so stay tuned! Hope all is well, and take care- Dave and Kacey

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