Two Snuck Up On Me

This morning its raining and dark outside. The kind of dark that forces you to turn the lights on in the house at 10 am, when normally the morning sunlight would keep things lit. Two years ago today, it was blisteringly hot. In fact, July 20th ended up being the hottest day in the summer of 2011. Words cannot adequately begin to describe how THRILLED I was to be in air conditioning and away from the heat.

I’d driven myself to a doctor appointment in Columbus without Cohen, praying to God (literally) that my favorite nurse midwife would have the heart to “help” (I won’t overshare the details) me get into labor even though they only had me at 37 weeks. David met me there and we found out I was already at 5cm. The kind nurse midwife did as I begged her to and then she highly suggested we stay close and that I walk. Well, I wasn’t walking in that heat! So David and I went to the mall and walked until I couldn’t bear the contractions anymore. We left and checked in a Dublin Methodist. I was then nearly 7 cm and still not in “active” labor, so we walked the halls for a long time until everyone agreed it was time to get an IV in and officially check me to the maternity ward. We walked more. My dad came and visited for a little while around 6:30. We walked more. By 8pm, I was in real pain. They had broken my water to help things along and within 20 minutes we had a baby!

The first thing I said was how fat he was. My only other experience with birthing a baby had meant birthing a 4 pounder so seeing my 8lb 1 oz baby was a shock. He looked huge. I remember they put him right up on me and within about a minute he was fast asleep on my chest. The nurse was laughing at his calm tenor and the midwife kept making over his big lips. We marveled at him. He was bruised from coming down the birth canal so quickly, but other than that he looked red all over.

Cohen was so taken with him from the very beginning. Mom brought him up to the hospital at 10pm, way past visiting hours, and snuck him in our room so he could be the first to see his little brother. It was a heart melting moment.

Cohen meeting Adler

Cohen meeting Adler

I really cannot believe two years have passed since that day. The boys are playing in the next room while I write here at the dining room table and I can see them sitting at their little blue table across from one another with a big bucket of legos between them. Cohen has built a “guy” and is speaking a story out loud and Adler is just figuring out how to put those little blocks together, working intently with his eyes narrowed. How did we get from that:

one day old

one day old

to this:

Adler, nearly one year old

Adler, nearly one year old

Everyone tells you when you first have a baby how time flies and it seems like the biggest lie when you are fighting through long days with a needy infant (or maybe that was the post partum), but it is so true. I feel like I blinked and my fat, red, content baby morphed into a tow headed, tall, lanky toddler.

Adler, since he started walking, has been the most lovable blend of sweet and ornery. He loves babies and animals and loves to kiss and snuggle. But man, when his smile gets just a little bigger and his eyes start to disappear above his round cheeks, you see the ornery and boy, is it real! Cohen is very strong willed and we’ve discovered that there’s more than one way to be willful. Cohen is loud and mouthy in his disobedience. Adler is stealthy and quiet. He doesn’t protest much, but he will go right on and do what he wants. Cohen could never get away with much. Mostly because he hardly ever quit talking which meant it wasn’t hard to know when he was into something. Adler, on the other hand, is quiet as a church mouse when he’s into something he shouldn’t be or making a mess. I’ve learned this the hard way… toilet paper rolled down the stairs, tooth paste EVERYWHERE, hands in petroleum jelly, and most recently (as in yesterday) completely eaten cinnamon Christmas ornaments.

that's the smile

that’s the smile

About a month ago, Adler’s small vocabulary exploded and out of nowhere we started getting 3 and 4 word sentences. His little voice… *melt* When he’s unsure of how to make a sound, he pushes out those ample lips into full duck mode and gives everything a smooshed tone. My current favorite example of this currently is how he says, “goldFUSH” for goldfish. Of course last night, aunt Beth brought over cookies which had him begging for “CERKERS”. That could be a new favorite. He also knows how to use language and tone in ways that have us all cracking up. Yesterday we went swimming and Cohen kept doing tricks in the water and wanting us to watch. After a couple (million) times, Adler said, “um, ok. Cool, Co.” without even looking up and with the funniest monotone voice ever. And the best part? He knew it was funny. Maybe its awful of me, but I love how my boys get sarcasm. Its practically my native language.

Adler’s personality has been really showing itself these last few weeks. He is emerging as a very silly boy who wants everyone to notice. He pretends to be godzilla, with his hands turned to claws and raised above his head while he stomps around the house, growling. This has proved scary to his cousin Hudson, but also a good strategy for getting kids to drop their toys he wants. We were looking at a house and he was flirting with our cute realtor and I called him a monkey to which he quickly responded, “oo oo ahh ahh” while doing his best monkey impersonation. Since then he’s decided he loves to pretend to be various animals. Also, being loud is very funny, he has concluded. And the funnier he thinks he is, the louder he gets. That one is not as cute as his new found imagination skills. But it gets him laughs.

Also, he’s huge. He’s grown 3″ since the last time I measured him which wasn’t that long ago. Everyday he looks more like his daddy and more like a boy and not a baby. Its a little sad how times flies by, but also its exciting to see and experience your child growing and learning and changing into the person God has made them to be.

We love you Adler! When we named you Adler “eagle” (as in, “rise up on wings like eagles”) Josiah means “bolstered by Jehovah”, we were speaking over you this truth: you will be an overcomer, one who rises above because of the Lord’s help. You are little now and your biggest challenges are learning to words and learning to share (!!!!), but life and even God will hand you much bigger challenges as you grow. You will encounter hardship, find things at time difficult to accomplish and have character building decisions to make. We believe that the strong willed, quiet, content spirit in you is a gift from the Lord and that the humor and sweetness you possess are the same. We loved your infancy (you made it so easy!) and we love rediscovery so much with you in the phase we are now and we look forward to seeing you be an overcomer in your reliance on Jesus.

We love you SO MUCH! Happy Birthday!

Adler after his birthday breakfast with his beloved brother and his friends, Kacey and Jordynn

Adler after his birthday breakfast with his beloved brother and his friends, Kacey and Jordynn


  1. What a sweet little dude. Happy Birthday, Adler!!

  2. Happy Birthday Alder!! Beautiful post!

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