And Baby Andre is…. (drumroll)

So, y’all know I am not a fan of finding out a baby’s gender before it is born.

But my husband really wanted to know.

And my son was sure he got to decide.

So in the end, we decided to find out last Thursday at our developmental ultrasound. Not that we could’ve not known, honestly, since our child proved that it likes to put it’s legs up over its head…

It became very obvious that the newest member of our family is indeed….

…a BOY!!!

If you’re really not that good at reading sonograms, take my word for it. The doctor said, “well that’s the money shot” and I instantly knew what she meant :)

[I would like to take a brief interlude to point out I was one of only two people who didn't think I was having a girl... do I get brownie points for being right? If so I will take them in the form of an easy labor]

If you like to look a blurry pics of babies inside their mom’s womb, keep looking and I will do my best to describe what you are seeing. Oh, and pray for me because this little man is 98% on weight, height, and head size… he will likely be double the size Cohen was at birth… again, pray.

our little boy's profile... looks like his dad to me

the doctor kept commenting on the long legs- again, credit to David

that little foot is kicking me night and day!

arms and belly.. he is boxing!

face and belly

the alien look.. gotta love it

And, yes, the little man does have a first name (still working on the middle name) but it will be a surprise until he’s born!


  1. I love baby names! That’s my favorite part of all my friends’ pregnancies…finding out the name. But I respect not wanting to tell before he’s born. Because then you have to deal with everyone’s reactions. Glad to at least know the gender (I think I will be like your husband and want to know the gender too). Praying for the rest of your pregnancy to be kinder to you than the beginning!

  2. Congratulations Kate! How fun!

  3. Congats Kate, I guess looking at pictures like that must be a girl thing…LOL

  4. Good grief I am soooooooooo praising God for you Kate!!! What a mighty God we serve… :)

  5. So precious!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!!

  6. Congratulations! So happy for you three!

  7. That’s so precious!


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