A Big Week of Big Things

I won’t pretend we live a rock star life here in the metropolis of Bellefontaine. [Because clearly that would be the assumption *grin*] Usually our weeks are predictable, punctuated by “big events” like a walk to the park or Co’s gymnastics class. And frankly, we like it that way.

But this week… well, this week is a Big Week of Big Things. [descriptive title, eh?]

First day official of Spring (hallelujah!) aaaannnd Cohen’s pre-kindergarten screening. He is oh-so-very excited. He keeps calling it his “test” and asking me if he really has to count to ten. The boy is so stinkin smart its crazy, but he pretty much has refused to learn to count. I mean why learn those logical, rote skills when you can sing and make up stories and build things? Right? So since we can never get him to finish a count to ten, I suppose we will learn tomorrow if he cannot do it or just won’t for us.

Since I am sure K-4 screening cannot be too hard for Co to pass and since I am not one of those tiger moms, I am not sweating it. Now the parental interview taking place for us while Co is at screening…? Well that’s another story. Cohen is going to attend the local Christian school and they require this interview as a part of the enrollment process. I keep wondering what in the world they are going to ask us? and if we will measure up as good parents, never mind good Christians? I am wishing Co and I could switch like Freaky Friday cause I know I can count to ten. In three languages.

Oh- and Monday I get my second of 16 progesterone shots to keep this little bambino inside my womb until he/she is done cooking. The nurse - and everyone else- was quick to assure me the shots would hurt and that I would at least bruise and be stiff for two days after getting them. Oh, and that I’d likely have a splitting headache for 24 hours. Last week? Nothing. No stinging from the 2″ long needle in my hip. No stiffness. No headache. Praying it was not beginner’s luck.

I am getting my hair did, friends. Not that a trip to the salon is really earth shattering news… unless you only do it like twice a year. And yes, I only do it like twice a year. Because a cut and color isn’t cheap. And I am cheap thrifty frugal. The best part? I know I want to do something drastic (after all, who wouldn’t after 6 months of no change?) so I have no idea if I am going to come home with way blond hair and a shoulder length bob or chestnut color with long Bohemian layers. Feel free to cast your vote.

My very adorable, hard working, and extremely deserving husband has an interview for a big promotion in the morning. Seriously… if you think about it pray for God’s favor for him. I have never known a more diligent, steadfast, hardworking man of integrity in my life. I am asking God to honor David’s faithfulness by allowing his hard work to be acknowledged.

Family date day… I have banked some hours at work so I can take the day off. All of our plans are secret. Cohen keeps asking me what we’re doing, but I am not even going to type it out here because for all I know the boy who won’t count to ten might secretly be able to read. Lord knows he can navigate the computer better than me already. But I will update you after the fact because it is going to be massively fun.

And apart of the massive fun that will be Thursday…? TWO ULTRASOUNDS. One will be like ever other routine monthly internal ultrasound I have had and will until I am no longer preggo [gotta love high(er) risk pregnancies]… But the other is our 20 week developmental ultrasound where we will get to really SEE the baby. I am feeling SO much movement these days, I cannot wait to see how he/she performs “on screen”. I remember Co’s 20 week ultrasound and how magical it was… can’t wait!

We’re still not sure if we’re going to find out the baby’s gender or not… my vote is for the surprise but David would like to know and it has to be all or nothing. If he found out and I didn’t, I would be able to tell from his face right away. Cohen thinks he gets to “decide” what we’re having… Since everyone keeps asking him, “are you having a brother or sister?” he has it in his head that he gets to put in an order or something…I hope its not like the dump truck fiasco at Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went to my grandpa’s and he had invited a local Santa Clause to come for the great-grandkids. Cohen hopped up on Santa’s lap and said he wanted a remote controlled monster truck. Not that he had ever mentioned it before that exact moment. So, Christmas morning he asked why Santa forgot the remote controlled dump truck??? And, friends, he is still asking. So let’s just hope Cohen and God have “decided” the same thing about this little baby.

Unbelievably Friday is David and I’s 6 month anniversary. I keep thinking how in some ways it feels like we just got married last weekend and then in other ways it feels like we’ve been together a lifetime already. There is too much to say about that in a paragraph update. [In other words, be expecting a blog Friday if not before]

I am turning 30! I swore that I would never be one of those women who mourned her birthday, no matter what the number on the cake is… and I can honestly say that I am excited about entering a new decade. My twenties were hard in a lot of ways… good too, especially when it comes to Cohen and David… but I have a feeling my thirties are going to be so much sweeter.

CHURCH. Always a highlight. Today’s sermon was particularly spot-on. You can listen by clicking here and choosing “I Agree” Parts 1 & 2. Oh, but don’t mind us- we laugh a lot at church :) Looking forward to what God has to say at the end of our very eventfully (possibly even a little bit rock star?) week.

Okay friends… heading to bed. Will be checking in.


  1. I LOVE this! Not sure what else to say Kate. thanking Jesus for this joy.
    Happy Birthday Kate!

  2. Happy birthday, Kate!

  3. Agreeing with you in prayer for the fullness of God’s favor to be poured out in the promotion of his son, David. Our God is a rewarding God, who loves to shower blessings on his kids. And can’t any parent so much more fully understand that? One of the best parts of being a parent is understanding a bit more of God’s heart for his children.

    What a neat blog, Kate. So much anticipation for such a full week.

    Many blessings for you, too. May your day of birth celebrate who you are to those who love you.

  4. Happy happy birthday! I hope your day is wonderful & blessed! :) Also, as far as the salon visit goes, I cast my vote for blonde! :)

  5. lol…no tiger mom here, either! I hope Cohen did well! Hope your shot was without incident this time, too!

    Like you, I only go to the salon about once or twice a year. I like layerd locks with complimentary highlights.

    Best wishes & prayers to David.

    Have fun on family date day! Sounds awesome! (I had to find out the gender of all my girls…I’m too much of a planner!)

    Happy 6 months! :)

    Happy Birthday! I felt funny on my 25th, 30th, and now this year 35th years. Big milestone years, I guess. 25 was knowing you’re a “quarter centrury” or halfway to 50 and 30 was leaving the 20′s. 35 just feels like I’m getting older than I feel!!!

    Way to rock this awesome week!

    BTW, did you get my message? FB said the message was too long & wouldn’t send, so I sent it through the private comments section here.

    Hugs & blessings.

  6. Was feeling so excited about your week and then read about your dad on facebook. I’m praying. He’s safe in God’s hands, no matter what.

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