I love old Things

I love old things.

One of the dreams closest to my heart is to someday open a cute little coffee shop that doubles as a used book store. There is a big used book store on 21st Avenue in Nashville that I salivate just thinking about. And don’t even get me started about antique stores! You know, I would never want to live in a new house.. I much prefer the character of an old house. If I could I would completely remodel an old house with items hand-picked from reuse architectural stores (this is one of my favs!), I would love every painstaking minute of it. When my grandmother passed away, we all went to clean her house out. Items were strewn across the lawn and my aunt was urging us to take some of her things home to remember her by.. I grabbed a couple of pint sized suitcases she packed her yarn in. They are some of my favorite old possessions.

There is something about an old item, beyond the dust and dents and discoloration that intrigues me. An old item feels storied.

I loved the thrift stores of Seattle… for one, they were giant and two, they were chalked full of unique items. I frequented them in my spare time when the gray skies and rain drops made me want to get out of the house. I haven’t really done much thrifting since I moved back to Ohio, and the few times I have, I mostly went in search of clothes for Cohen. However, this evening, Co and I went to the local Goodwill. Normally trips there end quickly and are fairly disappointing, but tonight was different.

After finding Cohen some short sleeved shirts and a toy to play with (of course, he chose the loudest toy in the whole place and insisted on singing along as I pushed him through the aisles) I began to look through the books. Again, I was looking more for Co…but then I saw a set of old books with gray/tan covers and a faded green band around the top of each that contained gold embossed writing. I left Co a few steps behind, with his toy so I could read the titles. I grasped at set of 10 books and their authors.. Emerson, Aristotle, Plato… These were legit old books probably taken from someone’s grandparents house- What a find! And at $2 each, I had hit the jackpot. The pages are yellowed on the ends and the books are worn with use. I love them.

Besides the books, which were the ultimate find, I also found two old bamboo trays and a very unique metal piece of art. Its rather large… 2 or 3 feet tall. I had to stare at it a long time to decide if it was ugly or striking. I am still not sure, to be honest. I stood back from where it was hanging on the wall and tried to imagine it against a wall painted with a mod color and great lighting. I decided it would be best in an entry way with an old wooden bench or a dining room as long as nothing else was hung on the wall. Its a large tree with branches that go out and hang down (probably a weeping willow) and the leaves are shaped like diamonds. Its silver and bronze and old and rusted…

…and sharp. I cut myself on the leaves twice just getting it home (drew blood too). So not only does it fit in a dining room, but it needs to be hung high away from little hands.

Anyway, I came home happy with my old treasures. Now, I am just dreaming about the old house I hope to place them in someday not too long from now! (from my typed words to God’s ears *grin*)

Good night, friends!


  1. I love old things too!

  2. I LOVE old things…that book store on 21st is a personal favorite. My friend once showed me the basement to her university’s library where you could simply take books for free and keep them. Most of them were old textbooks, but I found a Bible that was published in 1912 and I just had to have it. The thought of the number of hands that Bible had passed through was just incredible to me.

  3. Okay, I know we don’t know each other, but I enjoy reading your blog (hi, I’m Caroline!), but this is exactly what MY closest heart dreams too! Two of my favorite smells — coffee and old books.

    So glad to know someone else dreams about this too. :)

  4. Who would get rid of old books like that??? Goodness! You might want to go get a tetanus shot after cutting yourself on the lethal tree! :)

  5. I love old things like that too! And if you ever open your bookstore/coffee shop, call me :) I love those places.

  6. I love the smell of old books!

  7. Oh, how I love old things too! We are remodeling a 60+ year old house that is still pale pink. I have hated and loved remodeling it over the past three years. I think I’m starting to love it again. ;) Soooo cool about the old books you found!! You’ll have to post a picture of them. :)

  8. In the town I live there’s a a huge old house that was restored and turned into an art gallery and coffee shop. They had local indie musicians play there. I loved the look of the place. But just shortly after I dicovered it, (only blocks from my house in a direction I didn’t normally go) it was closed. A church tried to host a coffee shop bible study/chapel location but it still went under. I was sad because it was a place that I planned on having as my little retreat while my kids were in school.
    I hear ya about the character of an old house… but my house is over 100 and the previous owners didn’t do a wonderful job of upkeep and we are now working on fixing all the outdated things.

  9. I, too, love old houses.

    And thrift stores!

  10. ahhh, you are speaking my language. not everyone loves old, but i sure do. and i also dream of a coffee shop that is a used book store, with local handmades, antique and mismatched eclectic furniture, vintage linens, and featured local art. :) love, love to dream…thanks for taking me there!


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